Why Has Immigration Reform Taken Us So Long?

Why Has Immigration Reform Taken Us So Long?

We could choose to close our borders; that we have not done largely in part because these individuals contribute to the economic well-being of our country. There always is an economic incentive or impact where labor and government policy merge. For the same reason it took us until 1863 to issue the Emancipation Proclamation. At that time the incentive was free labor. The answer is we will have immigration reform when we as a nation really want immigration reform.

These individuals do jobs that many Americans no longer want to do. They drive our taxicabs. They work in our hospitality industry. They harvest our produce.

Many risk life and.limb to cross the border under very unsafe means. We can choose to have a stricter border control policy that will provide for a legal, orderly and safer path for those. who want to be apart of the American dream. Reform is long over due. It is a moral and just cause.

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